Sunday, May 16, 2010

Five People and me....

Date: 21st Nov 2009
Place: Kharsang, Arunachal Pradesh - India
Dear Dad, 
                       Que Sera, Sera ....

For the first time, I understood...what Alfred Hitchcock wanted to convey in The Man Who Knew Too Much. It again happened to me...I fail to recollect an instance to convince myself that this person ever spoke the truth...The truth, they say, shall never die. It is such an inherent virtue that everyone seeks it in our quest for justice. I sought the truth, but all that I am  rewarded with was pain and deceit...but not happiness. When it happened to me for the first time, I lost a lot, but I understood that it was never meant to be...all that remains of it is a relation of indifference....I could forgive and forget.Second time, it was a twin blow, successive attempts to seek selfish gains...pushing me into a situation to reevaluate every human relation...I lost the start to push my life into a better zone of comfort, I could forgive...but I shall never forget. Then, it was a mix of circumstances and ego, that created a passion to destroy me, I shall never forget the moment. 

All these moments, were intense yet short experiences....but what happened today, is a long drawn one...possibly because I was foolish enough to believe the story all through. I now understand, winner is a relative term, we ought to define the sphere of influence in defining a winner. It is not possible to win in every sphere of life...Today, I belief in people failed me...because of two  rather unfortunate happens to be a disgrace to the thought of dignified existence and other happens to be a disgrace to parenthood and parenting. How often do we find someone who is challenged in regard to value education be blessed with of them is an equally unfortunate soul in regard to judgment, and the other...a mute spectator of their disgusting traits, kept in the dark by these blemishes on social fabric? I am no one to judge them,  they will suffer for their deeds. I am stuck dad, show me the understand the truth...and walk the right path.

- abhijith                                                                                                              
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