Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Critical Move...

It is important to understand at a game of chess, it is the struggle of negotiations that will win the battle. I wish to speak about the needed ability to understand and tackle a situation. Growing beyond the game, let us understand the needed ability to be an emperor...more than the accepted honor of authority, it is a title of nobility : conviction to lead by example.

Several moments in our lives, we would probably see ourselves at that stage of the game, when all our trusted men (resources) are down and we are left alone to seek a way forward. We are reduced to believe that all is over and we are bound to lose, it is easy to lose one's grip on life. Am I to change my beliefs with which I led my forces ? I realize, because of constant loss of support, I surrendered my soul and my corporeal self can be understood as a mere synecdoche for a society.

I need a revival, to seek my lost ground ...all by myself, live by my principles and lead by example. To surrender my soul, was probably a mistake...but I am a true warrior and shall contest to conquer...Every move shall be a calculated one to destroy the fatal forces, weave a rich and a balanced tapestry of comfort for my bleeding soul. I shall seek to play the critical move...for I am the emperor!

Note: I am not an expert authority in Chess, but these recordings are what I have learnt from my experiences with Chess. Though the analogy presented will need little or no knowledge of chess. Recorded : Dakar, Senegal.