Friday, February 19, 2010

What Am I ? ART of being me

Note:  This post will deal with introduction of a concept of  Anticipation (Argument) - Review  (Reconciliation) - Trust yourself (Treated with Dignity). It is an attempt to understand how we need to evaluate the interest of a person we are in an argument with, in regard to arriving at a possible solution for a problem/issue at hand. 

When you feel a situation is beyond the possible human attempt to work on, and it is only leading to an emotional drain and being ill treated by life? It is always a known trend to anticipate, expect a certain reaction or certain scenario in regard to how things are and will be in the future. This is the anticipation phase of our solution analysis. This phase leads us into review mode and take stock of things. It is during this stage that we will be able to understand/judge the interest of the other parties involved in arriving at a solution. There is a strong possibility that everyone needs to compromise and arrive at a consensus for everyone to be happy. This phase is the most important of the three phases because it will define the value of yours. It is critical to understand that agreeing for a compromise is not about being ill treated but it is about our interest and sincere appreciation of the partnership/relationship/certain something which is under the review scanner now. 

This phase is followed by a critical phase of defining the way forward. It is always essential that you should trust yourself and do not let others/life/situations ill treat you and put you to a lower dignity. The essence of a happy life is about how we go about defining our dignity in the spaces we operate. It is interesting to notice and appreciate the fact that many times you wish to go the extra distance for its worth it. It definitely is, but if its an unfortunate situation that only you alone are trying hard while nature is forcing things away from you, then it is about time to recognize that nature and life is the best judge of the situation and everything does happen for a reason. It takes courage to let go and work on yourself for being a better person. Take every opportunity available to make the most of it. When life seems to be unfair and is forcing you to live on its terms in pain and being unhappy. It is more than just the need to change the is about how you should trust yourself and have faith in your ability. Its all about the question of whether or not you know the ART of living your life....Do you have the answer?

P.S.: This post has taken considerable amount of time and  I have recorded my observations at every phase of the process. True with any situation,  it is important to notice that the process is a long  drawn one. It is important that we respect it rather than hurrying ourselves into the next phase of the process.