Sunday, February 21, 2010

I allow you to die alone ...

Everyone of us may have been through a period in our lives when we constantly question ourselves in regard to whether it was our responsibility that we ended up in the situation that we found ourselves in. Our constant battle with self in regard to finding a solution to the present situation will be lost in such a scenario. You tend to question your own ability to conquer and gain control over the situation. It becomes critical for us to believe in ourselves and understand that we were not wrong in our actions and that our expectations from ourselves and others were not met. This critical understanding of the situation is always needed. 

It is interesting that I wish to discuss a certain event in everyone's life i.e. death today. Friends, kindly do not get cynical and think that I hold a pessimistic view about life and death is all that I look forward to. No, the context in which this issue is discussed is in regard to that situation in our lives when we felt we were cheated by life, others and everything that is not us, and that we ended up in a situation where we cannot trust anyone and more so we are constantly struggling to find reasons to support an equation when it is already put to rest by forces beyond our control. It is important for most of us to realize that we are not wrong in our attempts to solve the equation. It is an attempt, a test by the divine power to make us realize what we are worth, friends it is important to understand we are our own torch-bearers and we alone can make or change our destiny and the way we wish to live our life. 

Many moments in my life, I have felt a strong urge to be critical about how others are, in regard to what they are as a person. I have met many people in my life who are big time losers, probably the word loser is a pretty decent way to describe their filthy trends of being ignorant, dumb and  challenged in regard to virtues.  I have noticed a common trend in all these unfortunate souls, they tend to create a false world around themselves, live in a false impression about living the life in good spirit, pretty low on self discipline and interestingly they offer dignity for happiness. A strong belief that false claims and ability to lie is seen as virtue by these friends of stupidity with very low regard to themselves and inability to understand that they are worth  far less than any small value of existence known to mankind. It is critical to realize that  these people who are pretty low in regard to self respect and character tend to use us as a tissue to grow over their fears. And many a time, we are left with a feeling of being treated with no respect. This, in my belief is the reason when most of us might have misunderstood our own abilities of being understanding enough to respect such beings who live life of deceit and concealment.

Friends, let us allow them to die alone ...