Sunday, January 24, 2010


Note: Friends this post is about how we need to understand ourselves and see life. It is not about being practical, but it is more about seeing life from a different focus point sometimes. This post is my attempt to understand from my own experiences. I hope the readers will benefit from it.

Life is not about practicality. It is more about understanding the value and the necessity of three important questions : how? when? why? Most of us are of the firm belief that prioritizing our activities/life is the key to success. But in this post, I shall attempt to bring to your notice that it is not a key to success but it is a key to failure.

Did you ever feel you always were doing things according to a plan, and yet you dont seem to get what you intend to achieve. You see people around you, lesser in regard to talent, skillset, effort...happy with their lives?  Well, did you always question yourself why does it happen to you, why do things dont go according to your plan? Well friends, the answer is nature. Nature is responsible for what happens around us, against us and also for us. It is unfortunate but it is true, nature likes chaos. Nature appreciates confusion.

If we wish to disturb the confusion, by trying to align our targets, our lives... we fall out from the nature's plan and our targets slip down the priority list for nature to accommodate.  It is easier to see life as it is, and understand that rather than controlling it, allow it to take the lead. Give it a chance to lead, and you shall see it will give you immense happiness. Friends, what will be... will be. It is easier to go easy on yourself rather than  get depressed with life. Allow life a chance .. that is the key to success. Allow yourself the joy of being what nature has planned for you...Seek and you shall be get...dream and you shall achieve...allow yourself to lose grip of life... and it will cling onto you.

Forget for a moment, that you exist...experience life with open hands...and friends there lies your happiness.. go for it!