Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Transformation : W-O-M-A-N

Polite Note : Ladies amongst my readers, it is a sincere request to understand that this post is not about how impactful the transition of feminine power was on the society in the recent past, but it is more about the disgusting reality about how few amongst you are misled and are creating a havoc in otherwise peaceful threads of this fabric called society...please kindly restrain from venting your emotions about how supportive you are about the transition which I shall rightly criticize.... men, read on for I sincerely request you to learn about this aspect, because I have come to understand most of the women fall under this category and are if not anything else are ruining your lives...

Firstly friends, I choose to present this post without any image support that will help you understanding the emotion running through the post, because I felt disgust is an extreme emotion and needs no support to express itself. I am not an advocate of  anti-feminine initiatives, if any of you are seriously considering this thought, please do not read any further. Woman as she started out, centuries ago was mostly regarding as wife of a man (w/o-man) and revolutionary practices have seen them now live a life of with out a man (w/o-man). If any of you feel this is not the transition, thank god you do not belong to that set of women whom I am talking about in this post, please read on because they need your help to realize the truth. Most of us friends, I mean men... have come across women who tend to create an identity crisis for herself and subject you to unjust treatment because it is a disgusting fact which we need to live with, women are always right even if she is dumb headed to speak innocently and tell us that sun rises in the west... indeed it is , isn't  it friends? 

Life seems to be a stupid experience when we wish to live a life dictated by a woman who is  little if not completely challenged in regard to her faculties of mental maturity. Transition of freedom of expression for a man will include and is necessary to uphold the dignity of his woman, while for a woman can put her man to shame if that is all that is needed to satisfy her silly wishes... This isn't a post to vent my emotions my dear friends, for men amongst you...will silently agree with me, grow up you sick people! stop being silent about this treatment, dont surrender to stupidity...sun indeed rises in the east... for women amongst the readers, if you happen to understand that it indeed is true with someone who know, I am happy that you are there for her to make her realize how sick she is and that she needs immediate help... if you happen to disagree with this post... I surrender before you are the disgusting woman  I am talking about, you seek no argument because there is nothing but emptiness in between your ears. For all such disgusting women, this post is a salutation to your unique attitude.. please allow others to live their lives!