Sunday, September 20, 2009

Persian Odyssey

Its been an interesting experience to understand how it is to live in a country that is different in its approach, its it feels to be living in a state of our own, disconnected with the rest of the world. I sit here next to the Azadi Square in Tehran and observe how every minute detail of this city is far from being global. Its been every country's effort to position itself, rather position at least few of its cities on the global 'We Matter!' Map, while Iran seems to be enjoying its solitary existence. Persia, the land that excited many to seek a better understanding of Islam now stands alone.

It is interesting to note that what seems to be a city lacking glamor, has people with great and friendly attitude. Iranians are quite friendly unlike what seems to be the global line for Iranian Policies. My trip to Tehran dated September 2009 will remain one of those most memorable trips of mine, a trip to that land which continues to hold attention on the global front for various reasons. I understand the amount of knowledge and culture that Iran can share and educate the rest of the world with is precious and unique, it is unfortunate that neither Iran nor the rest of the world can accommodate their differences with the other. What we tend to read, is what we tend to believe in and what we believe is will result in what we tend act upon. It is essential to understand the needs of Iran and the demands of the rest of the world to seek a solution to various problems so that Iran, a culturally rich tradition can be integrated with rest of the world and benefit from its rich tradition and knowledge...

- Abhijith Jayanthi ...Tehran 2009