Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Critical Addiction...

What we tend to believe in, is not exactly what we will end up doing. Life is always a complex maze. It is actually little paradoxical that we tend to believe that we understand all our actions. On the contrary, I have come to believe that it is not so. Let us analyze ourselves for a minute, when we try to do a certain something, the one influencing factor in most cases is how to get over with it.

Most of us, if I may say so,  the real cause for the initiation is normally not met, but we reconcile by creating a pseudo target for ourselves. It is our natural tendency to create this needed disturbance in our life, for we are addicted to our objectives, our interest in certain something which will make us re-align our actions.

For all those who seek an understanding of this post, please do not try too hard, the intent is pretty obvious . If you happen to judge the content of the post intellectually, it would lead you down a different lane of thought. Certain things in life are pleasant when you wish to acquire their ownership,when you do not know much about them, the interest is a constant graph, while once you manage to acquire an understanding, it is tough to maintain the same motivation. This again present itself in one of my strong beliefs which I happen to talk about in my post regarding advantages of Saree(an Indian Outfit), how there is a need for a constant challenging emotion for us to realize that the freshness shall never cease to impress us.

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