Sunday, September 28, 2008

Glimpses: Value and Need

I never use to realize how important is the role of glimpse… it gives the necessity need to look forward for something. More so, we tend to start appreciate the act much before the actually act is done. This understanding is not only applicable for us in terms of understanding our emotions but also the sales promotions, lets talk about movies for example, these days it has become a necessity for most of the movies to work on its pre-launch publicity, promos, rushes trailers with actors and actresses speaking about their experience acting in the movie, funny bits in the movies which might have been subject to editor’s or censor board’s cut are discussed, more so it is the needed fodder for most of the gossip magazines to keep themselves afloat..

Glimpses… a short introduction to the actually act.. gives us the needed thrill to look for it and assimilate it when we really indulge ourselves in doing it. My trips home these days for a period of day or two have been such glimpses to understand and appreciate what makes a place or house…a home . This huge, yet sometimes untouched line of difference between home and house is an interesting way of how we react to situations…. Why do we call some place our home while we cannot attribute the same even when we have our family with us at some other place.. say like vacation… the emotion of security, emotion of belonging goes beyond the attachment with people, sometimes I personally think the effect of place can grow on you .. and can actually make you do crazy stuff … From personal experience again, I love and always look forward to going back to Hyderabad whenever I get time to do so, not only because I belong to that place, my family still stays there, but it is because I have a sense of pride for being a 'Hyderabadi' ... the essence of living is all about defining one tends to do it , is actually one’s own effort in understanding the surroundings, in this regard we have a lot to learn from the effect of drives us to seek more and then we are all by ourselves to understand why we want to do it in the first place... so to understand if we truly miss someone or something..probably subjecting ourselves and the emotion to 'Test of Glimpses' might help...