Monday, July 21, 2008

Year 2008:21st Day of July

Friends.. welcome back again to this space online, where I have been writing my views, poems, articles... Today, I wish to write about a day which was different.. very often we find people craving for similarity. But today I understood, there is a reason to celebrate the interesting it is to understand and view this world from a different perspective.

'Like repels like' is probably valid beyond the scientific boundary, and is valid in other domains of human understanding. What I wish to talk about in this post is how we can celebrate the difference. Before I proceed, I wish to elaborate a little on how people react to an occurrence of difference.. of opinion or understanding of an issue or self. The only solution which is normally subscribed to is a compromise... settling down in options presented to us.

I wish to urge everyone to seek the difference and enjoy it, view it as an opportunity to excel rather than dwell in an isolated 'compromised' space. It is interesting to note the basics of
object manipulation i.e. 'juggling' . What is needed is the skill-set not to lose contact of any ball, rather than reducing the number of balls in the game. The potential use of what one wants to do should motivate us to achieve the 'balancing act' between passion to create a difference and responsibilities...

Ladies and Gentlemen...Go for it!