Friday, July 11, 2008

Undignified Creativity: Policies of Indian Government

Policies, Five Year-Plans, various commissions working for the 'welfare' of the society. This is the view portrayed by majority of the parties seeking people's vote to remain in power. It is an interesting development that the present Government is trying to use and play on the social divide card and benefit from it. What is unfortunate in this entire practice is the fact that, word 'welfare' takes a new definition showcasing a new dimension which was not explored before. Congress Government is definitely praiseworthy for being 'innovative' in exploring novel ideas to save their seat, but it is equally important for 'leaders' to put the interest of the 'entire' community before their own. Many policies of this government seem to have failed in satisfying this basic need. Our Prime Minister being worthy of immense respect as an academician, failed again in proving to be an 'leader'. This raises the question of understanding and questioning the administrative capabilities of our politicians. Every field these days demand a test of entry, it is really unfortunate that our politicians are not blessed with such an opportunity to test themselves at the start of their career, as to whether or not they have the potential to be a part of the administration. There are many rules in the Constititution which speak of entry requirements, but the present developments show how these rules have failed, there needs to be a revision of how we get people from amongst us to be a 'leader' and serve in the interest of the nation rather than leaving our Country as a helpless victim of Undignified Creativity.

Like a pilot view, every policy needs to be followed by the politicians themselves before it can be even discussed, since most of our politicians lack first hand experience. Nation's Growth lies in using our strengths to the best of our abilities and working on our weaknesses rather than relying totally on our strengths, thus leading to burn out. Growing beyond party lines in the interest of the Nation is something which is not seen these days, rather all that the politicians worry about these days is various ways of saving their seat.

India needs an understanding dictator who is well learnt and sees what this Nation needs, and also is equipped with enough understanding to see it through. Oh Lord! We need our Mahatma Gandhi again to drive some sense and spirit of understanding the effects of our actions. The Indian population is missing the courage of standing against this pseudo Colonial rule by our own countrymen. There are signs of a civil uprising, which needs to tackled with enough caution. All that we need to change the present scenario and lead us to a positive tomorrow is a single person... sound, energetic, learnt and understanding .. So, Why are you sleeping?