Monday, December 18, 2006

All That I Wish ...

I’m here ...waiting

Impatiently, eyes full of tears,

The other day you said you loved me

You said it perfectly clear.

Now, today’s a new day

And you’re not here by my side,

Now everything you told me

Just feels like pain and lies.

You said you would be here forever

Was that just a lie, too?

You made promises you couldn’t keep

I had all my faith in you.

You took off with my heart

And life in your hands,

I’m left empty and incomplete

Why can’t you understand?

You let me down

When my hopes went high,

I try to smile

But I always sigh.

I’m left alone

With all the pain and misery,

Your love is all I ask for

Why can’t you see?

You loved me for who I was

Not for whom I tried to be,

You were the best thing that happened to me

You’ll always be with me.

We’ve been through too much

For you to push me away’

I’ll always love you no matter what

Trust me Love...It will never fade away.