Monday, May 21, 2012


When I was a kid, they told me – there is no oil, if olives are not squeezed...No wine, if grapes are not pressed...No perfume, if flowers are not crushed...I was forced to think if nothing exists on its own. I was always curious to understand if every aspect of our living has a causal relation. 

I always felt we have something that needs no reason for taking shape – it is a gift bestowed on life. It is a gift that brings you comfort - when you are suffering or hurt; It is a celebration in the moments life provides and rears;  It is where love grows unconditionally – no matter what you do; It is  the priceless gift to smile – we all own it and it needs no causal effect. There are things which go beyond human comprehension – the beauty of life lies in the fact that not all actions have or need reasons.

Let us start our day with a smile – and look beyond the usual reasons we need to be happy again?

- Abhijith

Place: Hyderabad