Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dialogue in the Dark

"I am in pain, leave me alone", Albert said it tonelessly, almost hopelessly, no anger, not even an eye-lid moved, and then he got up to move away.
Her hand waved in a feeble gesture, her bony face and cheeks contorted with shame, and then with an almost a deathly expression she blurted.
"I am still yours. Nothing has changed. I am sorry I did not mean to cheat on you. Rachel will get naked Albert, she is yours. Have me! "
Her body continued to shudder. And then all at once she was seized by despair. She clenched her teeth so as to not scream...and leaned against the wall. And then tears rolled down her pale face.
Taking a momentary pause in his stride Albert said, “True indeed. You are already naked. There is no reason for you to strip your clothing. I love you Rachel, it was never your impulsive liking for physical pleasure that attracted me. There is more to a relation, which goes beyond what usually attracts your eye. There is no reason for me to believe that you will understand my  soul crushing pain. You broke my trust again…your promise never to lie”
Rachel had been patient and stoic throughout. She continued to stare at the floor beneath her in shame. She knew it was the third time she did not keep her promise with Albert.
To be continued…
P.S.: This blog post presents a first view/glimpse of the chapter titled 'Dialogue in the Dark' of my book (not yet published) titled Precocious Truth: Unrequited Love. You may read the prologue for the same here