Friday, June 10, 2011

SimplyJITH Partners: Zillion Arts

It gives us great pleasure to announce that SimplyJITH is now partners with Zillion Arts. The partnership will provide subscribers of both SimplyJITH and Zillion Arts with opportunities of creating synergies through the various joint projects that will be rolled out in the near future. Adding to our existing array of programs, this effort of ours will help nurture the creativity of youth, give wings to their imagination and transcend the skies. We invite our subscribers to explore possible opportunities through this partnership.

About SimplyJITH
SimplyJITH is an ethics and belief enterprise with emphasis on youth engagement and empowerment. It is a collection of various initiatives and partnerships, including a Blog which remains our flagship project, now enjoying readership in around 158 countries, with over 32,000 subscribers from various countries; a  Grant – Partnership Project and SimplyJITH Finishing School.

About Zillion Arts
Zillion Arts is a central hub to all the concept artists. Zillion Arts offers a single stop gallery for beautiful and inspiring works of various artists from all round the world. Zillion Arts also has a collection of insightful interviews to learn from. This is the place where you can learn, discuss and participate in topics related to concept art and nothing else!