Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunshine Through My Window


I begin this letter with a bit of hesitation: Should I begin this letter with dear you, or rather stick to just you, I do not know whether I continue to enjoy the privilege to do so, or am I stripped of it? I choose the latter…it represents the necessary you and that will stand forever.

As a child, once spring came around, my mom would throw open the windows to air outside the house and give the place a good scrubbing from the attic down to the basement. While I'm not as much of an enthusiastic for spring cleaning, I do have the urge to clear out clutter and do a bit of cleaning once the weather warms up and the world outside starts turning green again. And it happened every year.

Our lives and relations are similar, we enjoy a relationship…living within closed quarters and need nothing else, completely absorbed by the warmth of it. And when it does not work out…when we throw open the windows; we are lost in transition…absorbed by the dust...painful remains of long structured emotions. We fail to notice the sunshine through the windows, and then we want to close the exposure…remain in our quarters...away from the light.

Life was and is just the same. For a while, I valued our quarters more…life had the same respect for me all through and even now. I learnt… and I shall look through my window…and embrace the warmth that life offers me.  It was the same day then; same day now and it will be same again tomorrow. Yesterday, I failed to realize it. But today, I will not ignore to embrace it.

I realized there's nothing like the freshness that life presents us with … to go along with the fresh breezes of this spring…and I hope it will be a new start this spring…

With dignity,

Date: Unknown
Location: SFO, USA