Monday, May 30, 2011

Lessons of Higher Consciousness

In this post, I wish to share few lessons of Higher Consciousness. And when I say lessons, these are not observations of myself - a single individual but by a group of individuals, for lessons can only be appreciated by a collective approach to understand them. I invite you to read, participate and comment on them. The process of learning is an eternal one and your comments will definitely help us learn more from our experiences.  

Lesson # 1
We are not here on earth to struggle for a satisfying existence, or just exist aimlessly to the whims of our destiny. The Vedic view is that cessation of all misery is the purpose of human birth.This can be achieved only through complete liberation of our consciousness. Good and evil, happiness and misery only exist in the mind of the observer. The conditioning of the mind is dictated by the manner in which we live. No one on earth can live a self-indulgent, indiscipline and want-on life and hope that this lifestyle will not affect his state of mind, for it would impact all his perceptions and circumstances.

Even our subsequent departure from this world would not alleviate our distress, because the cycle of birth and death is endless. Only Self-knowledge can free us from miseries. Self-knowledge can be achieved by living right. According to the Vedas, there are four values that are to be cultivated by any individual for living right.That is, there are four main purposes to human life. They are: Moral perfection, worldly attainment, fulfillment of legitimate desires and liberation. The first three values have meaning only when they are aimed at the fourth one. Only when the major aim is liberation, can an individual remain centered while following the other three tenets, else he may tend to become arrogant, greedy, power-hungry and immoral.

Lesson # 2
We live a life of moral perfection when we live in tune with our real Self, thereby always being in tune with the rhythm of life. We discover how to function in an optimum manner, and have the full support of Providence to evolve because Nature is always inclined towards progression. This is also known as 'the righteous way to live'. Our behavior then becomes constructive, life enhancing and appropriate. When we have a harmonious relationship with the Universe, it provides for all our needs. Whatever is required to make our lives satisfying, unfolds spontaneously. We are always in the flow of harmonious relationships and supportive circumstances. But we should also cultivate the faith that whatever is showing up is for our highest good. Impatience does not have spiritual virtue. With unshakable faith in God, we should be joyous and enthusiastic always.

When our life-enhancing, legitimate desires are fulfilled, life is fulfilling, enjoyable and we can devote ourselves to higher learning and practice. As spiritual beings we have this ability to have our desires fulfilled by gentle intention. We do not have to apply great effort or struggle to have them fulfilled. As our awareness increases we are naturally in a state of fulfillment. We only need to acknowledge our desires and have complete faith that they will be soon fulfilled.

Lesson # 3
As spiritual beings we cannot be satisfied only by living a life of contentment, worldly attainment and having our desires fulfilled. Without spiritual unfolding of our consciousness, we would always remain disgruntled and despite the fulfillment of the first three ideals, we would still be prone to getting waylaid. The first three practices make our lives satisfying so we can devote ourselves to the fourth and most important ideal. All four resolutions are interrelated and work in conjunction. We can demonstrate commitment to spiritual practice by making it the focal point of our lives. All actions and thoughts should be conducted from that platform. As we keep progressing on our path with full dedication, we are forever assured of a graceful life.

More to come...