Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Power of Lavender

The eschatology that binds Hinduism, Christianity and Islam as one—vis-a-vis the final events in history,  i.e. fulfillment of a divine plan for humanity, and the immortality of the human soul—is congruously and collectively fulfilled by the Divine Feminine (Adi Shakti).

Adi Shakti is a concept of Hinduism, of divine feminine power. Adi Shakti is responsible for creation, is an agent of change and has the potential for self destruction. The generic approach to independent existence, and thus a false belief of empowerment has lead millions of women to fall into a downward spiral of questionable character. The power and the grace of feminineness, comes with a potential to ignite the flame of dignified individuality. It is important for men amongst us, to understand its sanctity and give every woman with such a flame the respect she truly deserves. At the same time, the potential   if put to use in an adverse way, will lead to self destruction. Any woman who seeks to dishonor the dignity of the flame and put it to a non - righteous use, will be reduced to a state of submissivenessslave of selfishness and being objectively worthless forever. 

Celebrate dignified feminineness complimented by fragrance of purity, selfless love and righteous existence; failure of which invites introspection of self, marred by the smell of disgust and selfishness, forcing us to reason, if there is a necessity to continue such a worthless existence.