Sunday, March 20, 2011

Numbers : The Power of Nine

P.S: This post is an amateur attempt at numbers. I wish to present my understanding and lessons I learnt from  number 9.

There is a certain charm in the number 9. I wish to consider the word SimplyJITH, to present my observation.  If we are to list the number equivalents for each alphabet, add the resulting series of numbers and then we continue this schematic with individual digits of the sum total we obtain from our earlier exercise, until we reach a single digit, we end up with digit 6.

Alternatively, if we are position/replace each such number equivalent with corresponding difference between a suitable multiple of 9 and itself, and continue to narrow down with the summation schematic explained above to a single digit, we will again end up with 6. Please see illustration for reference. 

Number 9 presents a strong significance in the play of numbers. It is important for us to realize the absorption capacity it showcases. It teaches us an important lesson of magnanimity, to stand up to any moment of adversity or success with the same outlook and balanced spirits, absorb any happening into our stride and move on. Further, it presents an important lesson  in parenting,  to pass on this belief practice onto the next generation : multiples of 9 showcase the same trend.  

Let me present another interesting behavior pattern of number 9. This pattern is essentially the basis for the observation presented above. Nevertheless, it stands out with its own lessons to teach.  Consider any number, let me pick 73 for now to illustrate my point. If we add the two digits in the number, we end up with 7 + 3 = 10, going further till we end up with a single digit, we end up with 1. If we add 9 to 73, we end up with 82. Further, if we apply the same schematic presented above, we will again end up with 1.  

Number 9 presents the divinity in forgiveness and the needed ability to remain true to yourself, rather than being driven by external factors. Number 9 will give no distortion to any number, rather it leaves the number with its own shades and continue to remain unaffected. It is important for us to forgive anyone and let him/her be with his/her shades rather than trying to influence/disturb their lives. More so, it is important to remain true to our intention, continue to strive for spiritual excellence and inner purity; rather than being carried away by external influences. 

Place: Batu Caves, Malaysia
Date: 16th March 2011