Friday, June 11, 2010


Accompanying you at dawn...I had the pleasure to seek the elegance of  your charming face, as beautiful as  the  full moon on a summer night. Your hair as black as night, and eyes as sharp as a blade of grass and dark to cast shadows hiding your emotions. Your smile seeks beyond the beauty of a blossoming rose.You fill your kiss with life and embrace with warmth.

Be my friend in my loneliness and exile; allow me to embrace the sweetness of life. I happen to exist having forgotten the taste of my own soul, guide me to find light. Dry the tears rolling from my eyes, comfort me to seek warmth of your embrace...allow me to be lost in the celebration of our emotion. For what you mean to me, words fail to explain.. for us I shall happily let go...everything except you, because with you by my side, I have nothing else to seek...Accompany me, my love... till I shall walk into dusk....

Note: My journal entry of Simply Me! circa July 2009