Friday, May 21, 2010

Love : Cult of Ugliness


I wish to record my understanding about how emotion "love" as it is felt/understood today, lost its much needed trait of selflessness and has become a skewed emotion. When I speak of love, it is not just the usual context of young couples, but also familial relations which I wish to speak of. When we speak of love today, what is that one essential quality of that emotion, which comes to our mind? More or less, most of us will have our answers speaking about how it helps us grow as a person/ seek a better existence for ourselves. This speaks of how we have grossly misunderstood or rather forgot the essential aspect of love...selflessness. Today, love is seen as a comfort quotient for a happy existence for self, and nothing beyond it. As long as it satisfies the needed support function, we entertain the emotion. This nefarious existence to callously exploit others, speaks of our beguiling approach towards us and others.

It is important that we realize, true love seeks selflessness in approach...when you are ready to seek beyond your ability to see the perpetual smile on someone's face. It is unfortunate that most of us today, are living an artificial/false emotion and are cheating ourselves and others.

Note: I am solely responsible for the opinion expressed in this post and it is quite possible that I was put on a different train of thought (than most of my peers) when I was born. If you happen to have a divergent view, I invite you to share it. 

Universal you whom I belong and to you I shall return one day, I dedicate this post written in all sincerity to thee.