Friday, April 02, 2010

Nihilism : Self

I have been a firm believer that status quo is not a pleasant option and that dialogue helps us find a solution. In regard to any issue, my primary approach was always to establish dialogue and understand the objectives of both the parties involved. It is important that we initiate a dialogue and arrive at a consensus.

Friends, from my experiences...I have understood, to initiate a dialogue will show a sign of weakness and people do not seem to respect your interest to seek a possible solution, but you might well be subjected to false accusations. and any ensuing dialogue...your attempt to bring out the reality will be seen as an attempt to
explain your reasons for something which is not true in the first place.

It is even tougher when you wish to initiate a dialogue with parties that believe in double standards...different rules for self and others. The dialogue will always leave you with a taste of grief. It is always a tough choice to make..whether to  initiate a dialogue with a possibility that you might lose your respect (be falsely accused or seen as a sign of weakness) or do nothing and live in pain....