Friday, April 23, 2010


Today, I wish to write about my experiences with Jealousy...As Françoise Sagan once said, " To Jealousy, nothing is more frightful than laughter", it is always important and interesting to understand the delicate  nature  of emotion one needs to deal with, when someone in our life is jealous and we happen to be the object of interest.  It is important for us to decide which side of the argument we wish to support. I wish to focus this attempt of mine to dwell on various aspects of jealousy...possible influences and reasons for sustaining itself.

It is important that we need to understand the difference between the experience and the outcome of a certain situation. It is important that we need to try recreate a moment of confidence...a moment of belief, which will remain in the memory of the subject, and will help her/him to understand how she/he is wanted in our lives. While it is important to instill confidence, it is always important to understand the basis of such a belief. Life is a journey.. a journey where we need to make choices... choices which will influence how we which to decorate our lives...decorations which we wish to live with...It is a pleasant feeling to appreciate the emotion of being cared for, and it is always important to realize the necessity for us to keep the moment alive...with our sincere efforts.. a dangerous emotion, if handled well, it will help us grow as a person to seek the beauty beyond doubt...if we do not happen to respect the emotion, it will be painful...possibly beyond human comprehension.

I dedicate this post to a friend of mine...I wish to draw your attention to a realization of mine, which I have to come believe in rather reluctantly, What we are as a person, is what we are...doubt and trust are important facets of any relation...what will be ...will be, it is important for us to understand the value of life and value of ourselves... and others in our life.