Sunday, April 11, 2010

I - Opener

Rubric Note: There are no great debates against the argument which is presented in this post. Hence, it is a sincere request that you should not, therefore, find yourself in passionate disagreement with the post. However, try not to find yourself in passive agreement with it either.

I wish to speak of that phase in my life, when I had a sense of insecurity, along with guilt, pain, stress and lack of love...The foundation that one needs, to understand, grow and condition themselves to take on responsibilities is always crucial. It becomes important to understand that our actions will always have a bearing on our future. I seek to learn from my mistakes, respect life and the lessons I was offered to learn from. My early years were greatly influenced by my father, and I still continue to appreciate and feel  his presence, I understand every experience I am put through is an attempt to help me grow as a person...I lived my early life with a sense of carelessness, and then with a sense of caution...and for few years now, I allowed my heart to guide me...I have had immense happiness to allow myself to immerse into life with completeness and sincerity. I realized that, where there is light, there shall exist a shadow. Shadows tell a tale of light...they speak of absence of light, dark spots caused by impenetrable emotions we choose to hide. In this world of manifestation, there exists a constant struggle between shadow and light. And in my struggle, I lost ...shadow won...Now, I stand emptied seeking light....
While most of the people who went/ are going through this phase hustle through their lives to seek a new beginning...but I chose to stay even when I was treated with no understand, respect the moment... and if possible rekindle hope, but I understood that it is very difficult to rekindle hope if one carries around anger, frustration and disappointment...I learnt to forgive myself, forgive others and set them free...only then I understand I will be more willing and open to accept life and enjoy it. I do not regret my decision to stay...I learnt life...and wait to see light of the day again.