Friday, March 19, 2010

Dowry : Stand up against it!

India, as a country represents multitude of  thoughts, variety of approaches for solving pressing  issues.One such issue, is the system of dowry. For the uninitiated, Dowry is the payment in cash or/and kind by the bride's family to the bridegroom' s family, one of many practices which are seen as rather, a normal routine during an Indian marriage. The practice of dowry abuse is rising in India. The most severe in “bride burning”, the burning of women whose dowries were not considered sufficient by their husband or in-laws. Most of these incidents are reported as accidental burns in the kitchen or are disguised as suicide. It is evident that there exist deep rooted prejudices against women in India. 

Cultural practices such as the payment of dowry tend to subordinate women in Indian society. Worse still, women who might have been subjected to this practice do  not invest time in thinking twice, when it comes to marriages of their sons...

 We wish to gather the support of all those who think that this system is a curse to humanity, and those who pledge to stand against this system prevalent in the Indian society. Let us all join hands against this crime, become more socially responsible for a happy existence for each and everyone of us. Be human and let us spread this word as much as we can.. Show your support, join us on facebook here