Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creativity Unplugged!

When do we decide it is about time to seek change? Before we get there, we should probably be discussing the issue of reality. Only when we understand what reality is, we can do justice in regard what needs to change. Friends, what is reality? It is important to understand that what we see/hear is not reality...fools and fanatics are always certain of themselves/ their beliefs, but wiser people question what is presented to them and then evaluate. I invite you to take part in this social experiment...evaluate people/issues in your life to understand this idea.

Let me elaborate further, before you proceed to understand people in your is important to notice how the factor of trust is intertwined with respect for our own mental faculties. We tend to create a bubble of comfort around every relationship in our lives. We tend to believe the other person... respect what is told to us on its face value and believe that it is true...or strictly avoid a certain person depending on the kind of bubble we have created for our relationship with that person...There will be instances when people whom you had faith in...give you enough reasons...not to trust them anymore...thus, breaking the bubble...Now, please look into your own lives and evaluate your bubbles of comfort with people around you...people who matter to you....

Do you find every bubble is what it is truly worth ? I appreciate your faculties of judgment...Do you find few bubbles have a scar or two ...and then you wish to work on them restore them, back to normal?  Are you responsible for the scar ? Are you willing to change? It is possible...and this is the change you need to seek... If you are not responsible for the scar...are you ready to forgive? This is the change you need to seek...All the Best...

Did few bubbles get burst? Did someone repeatedly puncture your bubble of trust ? This is not reason enough to be harsh on your own self and question your faculties of is an indication to let go...this is the change you need seek...Intelligent people learn from their mistakes...never to do it again...and  last but not the least...if you happen to be someone who can never be trusted , you have  lived a life of deceit hurting others and your attitude is beyond repair...then it is time you do some serious introspection...this is the change you need to seek ...and I invite you to read one of my other posts here which might be of some help to understand my reasons to a possible question of why you need to change?

All the Best!