Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Avowal Series : Second Edition

Dear Mom,
Elegant shades on any canvas...speak of varied influences (both negative and positive). I present my true reflections of such influences on my canvas..influences which have destroyed/ cut short my growth as a person...influences which helped me grow as a person. I wish to acknowledge both these influences...I understand without the negatives...I probably will not have been able to appreciate the positives in my life....I understood there are emotions which are far more supreme than trust, love, betrayal and hatred...' Dignity of Thought & Soul '  is the theme for this edition of Avowal Series... I salute and respect everyone for their influences on my self...This work is my dedication for your support. 

With dignity...
Photo Credits: The image on display is the cover image for the second edition of Avowal Series. It has been designed by Tripti. Copyrights Reserved.