Sunday, February 28, 2010


Note: Please note that this post has no knowledge or research support from medical or psychological Studies. It is more of a personal observation of mine.

M.A.D... as I wish to put it is Multiple Attitude Disorder. I have seen many people in my life suffer from the above mentioned disorder. Firstly, let me discuss what I mean by M.A.D... Multiple Attitudes in simple setting is about how a certain someone tend to showcase different attitudes towards another certain someone depending on equation, circumstances, surroundings, situations which are all time bound. Without any personal bias, this is mostly observed in girls.

It is interesting to understand how this disorder tends to influence not only their attitude but also their decisions, actions and way they treat others. It is imperative to question ourselves whether or not we are needed to speak/be present in such situations when they arise. Most of the times it is a sudden attack of anger/ strong emotion that tilts the balance of a normal being to portray M.A.D. I strongly believe that such attacks if in minimal numbers add value to the emotion and also to the relation. But when such attacks happen to be more frequent and tend to create more disturbances than ripples, it is important to realize, that person needs some serious professional help....

Next time around, when someone says I am going M.A.D .... you know whom you are dealing with :)