Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Destiny Test : My Kind

Place: Sagar Kiran
Date: 22-Jul-2009

Firstly, I wish to issue a friendly reminder that this letter has nothing to do with the test that Society of Peregrines uses to help determine who might be destined to vanquish evil. It is more about my experiences aboard Sagar Kiran (For the uninitiated, Sagar Kiran is a Jack-Up Drilling Rig off the Western Coast of India) that I wish to write about in this post. Life seems to be unpleasant to say the least in regard to the turn of events in the recent past, it seems to have lost the charm it had. Destiny seems to have played a spoilt sport in regard to helping my life seek the correct direction. What I wish to speak about in this post, is more about my inability to influence a change. It is rather long, that this phase has been casting its shadow on my life. I wanted to record these thoughts, so that they do the noble work of reminding me that its about time to change.

For my efforts to change... and my determination, let the fate and destiny surrender...

Life..truly yours!