Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ornament of the Night

She hesitated, perched at the edge,

that malady called doubt pervading her thoughts.

Would her wings be strong enough?

Her heart said yes, but her mind rebelled

Battling one another in her core.

With herself as the single casualty

She sensed the footsteps approaching

… The palms pushed her from behind

…The ground slid out from beneath

And then the wind became her harness

Too weak to sustain her, she sank…

But her descent met its end

Her wings suddenly broke out of paralysis

Propelling her towards the Heavens

And she rose, higher and higher

So when she turned to thank him

He was no more than a blur in the distance…

Galaxies away,

He smiles at the newly-formed star of the night sky.

Satisfied, he continues along the edge

Seeking out another of doubt’s victims.

(This is not a personal work of mine, and is a true reproduction of the original piece. I wanted to record it today, for I felt the time has come...Her wings finally broke out of paralysis, and the ascent has begun.)