Monday, March 23, 2009

Life: Something amiss

Location: Pride Hawaii

Date: 23rd March 2009

When land slips from beneath our feet, is it the fear to hold ground? or is it just the casual anxiety of a new beginning that creates the difference in our feet? On my first trip offshore, I had the experience of staying on a jack up platform. With water all around, I wish to call this phase of my life, ' Aquatic Surrender'.

What makes this experience unique is the fact that, even when I was surrounded by people, I felt as if I was deserted on a platform with no way to escape, no route to take. It is a weird feeling to stand on the edge of the platform, and look down into the water...

Seeking beyond the landscape my eyes can capture, I still stand here... all alone, with my own self for company. And all that I understand is all about bridging the thin gap between what you desire and what you get...that is where it begins, and where it ends...