Monday, October 20, 2008

Destiny: The Greater Cosmic Secret

Perhaps, one of the factors which is normally misquoted in assessing our equations is Destiny. Destiny, the fixed natural order to the Universe is always held responsible for events which did not turn in our favor, especially when things go wrong at the ultimate end. What is worth noticing is destiny's efforts in standing by us till then.

We tend to create an impression that destiny seems to be play a role only in the future prospects of an issue, but what I wish to talk about in this post is how destiny plays a leading role in connecting all the past links to create an understanding of our present. Allow me to elaborate my point with the help of an example, let us speak of a situation, we normally lose contact with people from your previous work area, or any such experience which involves a social networking aspect. It is interesting to see, how things to be get connected ( in other words, how small this world seems to be) when you come across them. Now, let us see how destiny plays a leading role in this example. We need to understand how we move away from the social circle and our efforts to remain in touch with few people is always proportional to the closeness we enjoy with them. But, destiny plays a different game of completing the circle...starting as acquaintances (or complete strangers) at present (or back then) and then moving into a closer friends circle at a later point in our life.

We normally discount the factor of destiny at present, and lack the understanding of its role in shaping the bigger picture for us. I hope I can appreciate its role, in not only shaping my future, but also in connecting our past to the present.