Monday, September 08, 2008

Relationships: The Critical Angle

We often realize that a relationship needs an additional push...this is a common phase one goes through, at least once in his/her life. Before I proceed, it will be worth to mention that what I talking about in regard to relationship...can range from the emotion we share with our parents, friends to love of our life...I wanted to record one of my thoughts today, regarding how our image about a relationship is always bound to change every moment...and how we need to understand our traits, rather than its pulse to sustain it and be happy about it...

On a different note, it is interesting that people do not realize that any relationship is not time bound, rather it is a constant change of weights in an equation you share with the other person. You can never really withdraw yourself from the equation ... an image of a person is always in the phase of transformation, constantly improving as you gain a better understanding of the person and the relationship you share with him/her. You tend to share the weight, when you start appreciating the relationship, while you tend to throw more weight against each other when you want to move away from it.. but you can never really avoid it...

Back to what I wanted to talk about in this post, it is an interesting lead, at least to gain a better response to our behavior . Most of us, at some point in our life realize that we as a person need to give one of the relationships that additional push... its mostly because when we start off, we tend to create an obtuse angle in our efforts to understand the person...investing into the relationship. As we move further in regard to relationship and time, it is likely that this angle of our effort starts moving into the acute angle space, where we tend to get less particular about details which might have interested us earlier ...It is always essential that we maintain a constant angle...the critical angle which needs to be established so that you not only strike a right balance between necessary effort for the relationship but also allow yourself the needed space to portray your individuality...To be successful in sustaining a relationship, and also to cherish it, it is essential to understand where this critical angle lies and try our best to maintain it in our efforts ...I strongly believe, if we can analyze any issue that is bothering any of the relationships we share with others... it is not about the distances, but this angle about our sense of attachment for that person ....which is creating the difference or helping us fight it!