Monday, April 07, 2008

Complimentary Reflections

I remember our walk kissing the sky...
And the momentary halt
to moisten the dry throat.

Forever, I shall fall back on this,

to keep myself afloat.

I remember our walk stamping the earth...
And the momentary comfort
of allowing ourselves to rest.
Forever, I shall envy the time,
for its control and the test.

I remember our walk under the sun…
And the momentary anxiousness
due to drying up of this special stream.
Forever, I shall seek you,
in my dream.

I remember our walk by the sea…
And the momentary pleasure
of etching our names on the sand.
Forever, I shall hate the wind,
for its fatal hand.

I shall remember this walk…
And the momentary pain
to sit in my usual hole.
Forever, I shall wait for an other chance,
to play the same role.