Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Violet Shade

Heretofore I sought:
to paint every invigorated rose,
scent and feel reaching every nose.
But painted an orange sunset rotten,
only to be lost and forgotten.

Heretofore I sought:
to live under the inviolable sanctity of the sky,
reaching beyond the words, to the cry of joy.
But lived in the vacuum of the metal,
to watch the flower fare forth, petal by petal.

Henceforth I seek:
to paint beyond the sun behind the hills,
exceeding the potential of any known mills.
For life is filled with moments far too many,
only few of us truly living any.

Henceforth I seek:
agility of a freshet to grow
from being a colour amongst the plural,
to be the first that paints every mural.
I... the violet shade!